Adopted: 3-14-78
Revised: 11-16-05 and 12-12-07


South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes that some students should be given special consideration for grade placement. The Board supports children being placed at the grade level to which they are best adjusted academically, socially, and emotionally. The educational program shall provide for the continuous progress of children from grade to grade, with children spending one year in each grade.


The Board delegates the authority for retention and promotion of students to the Superintendent and the principal of each school. When considering retention or promotion, each student shall be evaluated by an "educational team" comprised of the school administrator, teacher(s), counselor/psychologist, parent/guardian, and other parties, as needed. Factors and guidelines concerning promotion and retention of students are as follows.

1. When retention or promotion is being considered or requested, the teacher shall refer this to the "educational team."

2. Upon receiving a request, the educational team shall convene and make a determination in regards to whether the child should be promoted or retained. The educational team shall look at the child's learning ability, age, maturity, academic skills, social factors, emotional needs, disabilities, self-confidence, grade level, physical size, behavior, attendance, previous test results, and other pertinent factors relating to the overall well-being of the child.

3. Unless there are extreme, extenuating circumstances, the retention or promotion process shall take place in the spring and be in place before the school year begins each fall.

4. Whenever possible, considerations for retention or promotion shall be done in the very early grades (K-2).

5. If the parent/guardian requests additional testing or professional evaluation to be done during this process, any cost associated with such services shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

6. A pre-kindergarten screening program may be developed to make recommendations to parents as to the readiness of their child for the school experience. If the child is not ready to benefit from school, the parents may choose to hold the child out for a year.

7. After the educational team has considered these and other applicable issues, they shall make a recommendation to either grant or deny the retention or promotion. Their decision shall reflect what they believe best benefits the whole child.

8. If the team's recommendation is contrary to what the parent/guardian may desire, the parent/guardian may appeal the educational team's decision to the local Board of Education within two weeks of the team's recommendation.

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