Adopted Date: 6-8-94
Revised: 11-16-05 6-24-16

To: School and District Staff
From: Superintendent
Re: Student Aides and Credit

In order to ensure credibility of credits issued for graduation, principals and teachers are asked to adhere to the following as it applies to student aides.

1. Limit student aides to seniors and one credit. Juniors may be used if needed, but will only be able to receive one credit. A student aide will be graded on a pass/fail basis. (This means that out of the 28 credits needed for graduation that only one credit can be as a student aide. If a student chooses to aide for more than one class, it will not count as any credit towards graduation.)

2. No teacher can allow a student to sign up for a regular class in the curriculum and then use that student for an aide in that class.


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