New Policy: 4-4-07

Student Name: ____________________________________ School: ____________

Grade: ________________                              Cumulative GPA: _______________

Requested Classes: ___________________________



The above student has permission to enroll in Concurrent courses on probationary status. He/she is placed on probation for one or more of the following reasons:

_____ Student has less than a 3.0 GPA

_____ Student earned less than a C- in one or more Concurrent courses.

Concurrent Enrollment guidelines are in place to help ensure a successful experience for high school students. Students not meeting these guidelines are at a disadvantage and may need to work harder than other students in the same class. If you are not willing to be a dedicated and committed student, we advise you to seek other class options. Remember, when you enroll in a Concurrent class, you are starting your college transcript; all grades earned through these courses will affect your college GPA.

Please be advised that any student not successfully passing a Concurrent course will be required to pay the current tuition and fee expenses (approximately $50/semester credit) as established by the USHE, and will not be allowed to enroll in future Concurrent courses:

Student Signature: _____________________________________ Date:____________

Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________ Date:____________

Counselor Signature:____________________________________ Date:____________

Once this form is completed and signed, return it to your high school counselor.

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