Adopted: 3-14-78
Revised: 11-16-05


The South Sanpete Board of Education believes that classroom environment shall be a positive place for learning free from unnecessary interruptions. Courtesy, self-control and citizenship are desirable characteristics that students acquire if the quality of respecting, learning, and teaching is on a high level during instructional time.


It is the responsibility of the principal of each school to facilitate instruction and develop a plan to eliminate the unnecessary instructional interruptions in the least disruptive manner.

The principals shall strive to minimize classroom interruptions by adopting rules, enforcing current policies and establishing proper protocol in the following areas:

1. use of the intercom;
2. students checking in and out of class or school;
3. tardiness;
4. assemblies;
5. use of cellular phones and other electronic devices by students and employees;
6. minimize out-of-school time for extra-curricular activities;
7. disruptions from hallways;
8. noise outside the building;
9. avoiding meetings during instructional time;
10. minimize clerical duties of teachers or coaches;
11. minimize interruptions during classroom instruction; and
12. other sources of interruptions

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