Adopted: 2-17-81
Reviewed 2-12-03
Reviewed 5-6-03


Students are the first concern of the district, and must receive the primary attention of the Board and all staff members. To fulfill its obligation to students, the Board will strive to spend most of its time in formulating policy and considering other matters related to students. A similar commitment is expected of all staff members. In pursuing this primary goal, it is imperative that the good of the individual student be kept paramount, consistent with the Board's Educational Philosophy and Goals Policy AB.

At no time are students to be treated as if they were assembly-line products, or objects to be manipulated or molded at the will of someone else. Each student shall be considered and treated with respect as an individual. One of the major tasks of the educational program shall be to assist each student in becoming self-sufficient in utilization of decision making processes and techniques, eventually becoming responsible for determining his or her own learning purposes and the means for achieving them. Staff members shall seek to be wise counselors of children and youth and skillful facilitators of learning. To this end, the Board and staff shall work together to establish an environment conducive to the very best learning achievement for each student through meeting the following goals regarding students:

  1. To individualize the learning program in order to provide appropriately for each student according to his or her specific background, capabilities, learning styles, interests, and aspirations.
  2. To protect and observe the legal rights of students.
  3. To enhance the self-image of each student through helping him or her feel respected and worthy, and through a learning environment which provides positive encouragement through frequent success.
  4. To provide an environment of reality in which students can learn personal and civic responsibility for their actions through meaningful experiences as school citizens.
  5. To deal with students in matters of discipline in a just and constructive manner.
  6. To provide in every way feasible for the safety, health, and welfare of students.
  7. To promote faithful attendance and good work.

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