Process for Placement of High School Transfer Students

Approved:: 2/18/16, Revised 8/31/17


Before a student is enrolled in South Sanpete School District, an Intake Meeting shall be held to determine the best educational placement for the student. If possible, the following people should attend the Intake Meeting: administrator or designee of the school, school counselor, student, and parent/guardian of the student. 

At this Intake Meeting, the following criteria will be discussed and reviewed in determining the best placement for the student based on the placement options listed in this procedure.

  1. Is the student living with legal parent or guardian?
  2. Review and discussthe student’s placement file, past placements, evaluations, records, transcripts, etc.
  3. Isthe student “on schedule” to graduate?
  4. Have there been anySafe and DrugFree Violations and/or other criminal violations?If so,what are they?
  5. Hasthis student been receiving Special Education services?If so,what is his/her classification, when was the last IEP, and is there a copy of it?
  6. What is the desire and intentions ofthe parent/guardian and student?
  7. What are theconcerns of the principal or staff of the District’sschool?

Determination of parent or guardian status:

  1. Provide documentation of full family move and current address.
  2. Provide legal documents stating that designee has full legal custody of the student.
    1. Legal documents include: Guardianship, Durable Power of Attorney, or foster care service documents. 53A-2-201
  3. If the student isn’t living with legal parent or guardian a determination will be made by the school administration and the student may be governed under the following requirements:
    1. The student may be enrolled as a probationary student. Asa probationary student, the studentwill be issueda contractthat outlines the expectations and guidelines that the student must meet in orderto remain at theschool. The student must perform well academically, behaviorally, socially, be “on schedule” to graduate, and comply with all school rules and policies. If the student fails to meet the expectations of the contract, he/she will be dropped from the regular school programor possibly considered for another educational placement.

Determination if the student is on schedule to graduate:

Students must have an appropriate amount of High School credits (in the South Sanpete School District this is based on the block schedule of 28 credits or conversion to a 28 credits ratio, to completed by the high school counselors) to qualify to be on track to graduate.  The administrator or designee of the school is the determining entity if a student is on schedule.  The credits needed to be on schedule are as follows:

Senior start of 3rd quarter:               24
Senior start of 1st quarter:                20
Junior start of 3rd quarter:               18
Junior start of 1st quarter:               14
Sophomore start of 3rd quarter:      10

If a student comes other than at quarter breaks an appropriate calculation, falling into these ranges, according to the time frame of the school year to be determined by the administration.  If a student attends one of the two credit recovery options and is back on schedule to graduate then another Intake Meeting can be held and the student may be placed back into the regular high school.

Determination and Placement:

Once the Intake Meeting has taken place and all of these factors have been thoroughly explored and evaluated, the school administration shall determine the best placement for the student.

Student Placement Options:
Students may be placed into one of the following school programs:

  1. Regular High School Program
    If the student is placed in the Regular School Program on campus, he/she must be “on schedule” to graduate with his/her class.
  2. Adult Education or GED Prep Program (Credit recovery option)
    If the student is not on schedule to graduate, the student has the option to be admitted to the District’s Adult Education Program or GED Prep Program to make up credit deficiencies and/or work towards passing the GED. When a student is in this program, he/she will also be included and expected to comply with the requirements of the Regular School Program.  These programs meet in the evenings with a certified teacher/counselor.
  3. South Sanpete Education Support Center (Credit recovery option)
    If the student is not on schedule to graduate, the student may be admitted into the current district online programs that is a mastery based programs. This program allows the student to earn more credits than the 8 credits per year that the high schools can award.  This allows a student to get back on schedule to graduate. 
  4. Home School student enrollment
    Home school students who have a signed affidavit on file at the District Office whose intent is to take core classes or elective classes, but not a full schedule from a high school in the South Sanpete School District, may attend classes inside a high school.
    1. If a student has a full schedule then their records will reside with the High School.
    2. If they have a partial schedule they will be enrolled in the school and then on the day after the last day of school they will be transferred to home school (TH).


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