NOTE:   Letters sent home to parents should include the record of the student’s

attendance, academic performance, citizenship, etc.


Sample Letter # 1
(Use School Letter Head)



Child’s Name:            ______________________                                    Date: ________


Dear Parent/Guardian(s):


Please be aware that of this date, your child has accumulated at least ___ or more absences. While this may not seem serious at this point in time, it can set a trend, which, if allowed to continue, could seriously affect your child’s education.

We offer this friendly reminder as a means of encouraging you to review your child’s attendance and to encourage a higher level of attendance in the future.

We are aware that there may be a special reason for your child’s absences. If this is the case, please call and a meeting may be scheduled to communicate the special circumstances. We, as a faculty, are trying to make sure we have reached the parents of all children who have ___ or more absences.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the education of your child.




Principal or Designee