NOTE:   Letters sent home to parents should include the record of the student’s
attendance, academic performance, citizenship, etc.


Sample Letter # 3
(Use School Letter Head)


Child’s Name:            ______________________                                    Date: ________


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Regular attendance is of great importance in order for your student to receive the maximum benefits from daily sequential instruction. Our records show that your child

has been absent at least ___ days this school year. According to Utah Code 53A-11-101, parents/guardians and school authorities are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that appropriate age children attend school daily. The law is as follows:

  1. A person having control of a minor between 6 and 18 years of age shall send the minor to a public or regularly established school during the school year of the district in which the minor resides.
  2. It is a misdemeanor for a person having control of a minor to willfully fail to comply with these requirements.
  3. A local school board of education shall report cases of willful noncompliance to the appropriate legal authority
  4. Officers of the Juvenile Court/DCFS may then take appropriate action.

We are writing to express our concern and to seek your cooperation in correcting this excessive absenteeism. At this point, a meeting is necessary to construct a plan to better serve the educational needs of your child. Please contact the school at ______________ to arrange/confirm the date and time of this important meeting.

We look forward to meeting with you and resolving this attendance problem.




Principal or Designee