Sample Letter # 3
(Use School Letter Head)


Child’s Name:            ______________________                                    Date: ________


Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter is to express our deep concern regarding the continued absences from school of your child. Our records show that __________________ has accumulated _____ days of absences, out of the __________days enrolled during this school year. A frequent absence from the day-to-day classroom experience disrupts the instructional process. Furthermore, the benefits of instruction, once lost, cannot entirely be regained.

Again, we would like to make you aware there is a legal obligation on the part of both the school and the family to provide for the education of children. The Utah  “Compulsory Education Requirement : (Utah Code 53A-11-101) directs parents and schools to do the following:

  1. A person having control of a minor between 6 and 18 years of age shall send the minor to a public or regularly established school during the school year of the district in which the minor resides.
  2. It is a misdemeanor for a person having control of a minor to willfully fail to comply with these requirements.
  3. A local school board of education shall report cases of willful noncompliance to the appropriate Juvenile Court and/or DCFS.
  4. Officers of the Juvenile Court shall immediately take appropriate action.

The District may make a “non-judicial” referral to juvenile authorities.

At this time, the school would like to extend an invitation to another meeting to review what has been done and to develop a new plan (contract) to address the excessive absenteeism problem. The school has set the following date, time, and place for this meeting: ______________________________________. If you are unable to attend, please notify the school, and a different time and place will be scheduled.

If your child continues to be absent and accumulates ___ absences or more, the District or designee may make a “non-judicial” or an “official” referral for Habitual Truancy and/or Educational Neglect to the Sixth District Juvenile Court and/or DCFS or contact other legal authorities as needed.




Principal or Designee