Alternative Education, and Home School, Charter, and Online, Schools

Approved:   9/11/02

Revised:     12/13/06, 6/10/11, 8/12/15

Recognizing that a meaningful education is the legal right of each student of school age (6-18), South Sanpete School District is committed to serving all of the students that are legally under its jurisdiction. The District also recognizes that some parents/guardians may believe the best education for their children may not be in a public school, but rather in an Alternative Educational setting: Home School, Electronic High School, Private School, Charter School, Online program, etc. The District respects a parent’s decision to provide an alternative means of education for their children providing it is within State law and District guidelines.


  1. Home School - means when parents/guardians choose to provide education for their children using their own resources. In order for parents to provide this type of education, they must officially excuse their children from compulsory public school attendance in accordance with District and Utah law.
    Utah Code § 53A-11-102
  2. Private School - means an accredited school that is supported by tuition and fees paid by the parent/guardian and employs teacher(s) to provide education for their children.
  3. Designated School - means the school that a home or private school student would normally attend based upon geographical area.
  4. Charter school - means a school that receives public funding, but operates independently of the established public school system in which it is located.
  5. Online student - means a child who participates in an online education program sponsored or supported by the State Board of Education, a school district, or a charter school and who generates funding for the school district or school under Utah Code Ann. § 53A-17a-103(4) and Utah Administrative Code.
  6. Dual enrolled student - means any child who is enrolled in a regularly established school, including a charter school or a statewide online program.


Parents who choose to educate their children in a Home School setting or another Alternative Educational setting shall meet or exceed the following State and District requirements:

  1. State and District Requirements
    1. Parents are required to hold school for the same amount of time as public schools. This is outlined in Utah Administrative Code R277-419 and is specified in Policy JEAA-1.
    2. Students in home schools are required to receive instruction in the subjects the State Board of Education requires to be taught in public schools. These are outlined in Utah Administrative CodeR277-700 and are specified in Policy JEAA-1
    3. If a student moves from a Home School setting to the District’s public school system, he/she may be subject to an evaluation by the school to determine the best placement for the child’s learning needs. Reference: Policy JEC-SP.
    4. Students may attend classes in both Home School settings and public schools in the District. Principals are encouraged to help students enroll in those classes which are extremely difficult for Home Schools to offer. Home School students who enroll in public school classes are responsible for the fees associated with them. Home School students may be eligible for fee waivers providing they complete the required application.
    5. Students identified as disabled according to Utah State Board Special Education Rules remain eligible for special education and related services provided by the District. They will receive services based upon a Support Plan rather than an IEP.
    6. If textbooks are available, principals may rent textbooks to Home Schools. All fees, including textbooks, shall be established in accordance with the District Fee Schedule and what other students are required to pay.
    7. Parents/guardians are encouraged to maintain appropriate educational records for each child. These records may include: attendance, days of school, instructional time, subjects completed, student work or projects, etc.
    8. Students may transfer credit from a Home School or a Private School to a public school to meet high school graduation requirements if the credit comes from an accredited institution. The District reserves the right to accept or not accept the type of credit based upon proper documentation. On an individual basis and in accordance with Policy JEC-SP, transfer of credit may be allowed through student testing or other appropriate educational measures approved by the District.
    9. Although it is not required, it is recommended that Home School students participate in the State’s standardized testing program. Results of these tests will be given to the parents and will not be included in school or District test summaries.

  2. Procedure for Requesting Home School Status
      1. Parents requesting to Home School their children must complete a Compulsory Attendance Exemption Affidavit (Policy JEAA-1).  This Affidavit may be picked up at the student’s designated school or at the District Office and must be completed, signed in front of a Notary, and returned to the District.
      2. If the student was originally enrolled in his/her designated school and a decision is made to change to Home School, the District shall contact the principal of that school to determine if the student has checked out properly and the parent/guardian must complete Form JEAA-1. Parents and/or students will be responsible for any or all unpaid fees.

  3. Dual Enrollment Student
        1. A student may not be dually enrolled in the South Sanpete School District if currently enrolled in another statewide public school.  If transferring from a charter school or public online school the following condition must be met:
          1. Students may attend their school of residence only after written release is obtained from the charter/online school and written permission to enroll is granted by the requested school and school administration.
  4. Enrollment of Transferring Charter School/Statewide Online Students in District Schools

Utah Administrative Code R277-472-5

    1. The school shall enroll the student as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after specific formal parental request.
    2. Schools may limit students who are transferring from a charter/online school to a district school after September 30 for the upcoming school year due to:  school, grade level, program, and courses that are at capacity.
    3. Students who are enrolled at charter/online schools and are seeking enrollment at district schools should check with the school for official current capacity information about schools, grade levels, programs or courses before leaving a charter/online school and forfeiting a charter/online school enrollment right.
    4. If a school changes the location of services for a student with disabilities, the new location may only be considered a change of placement as determined by the student's IEP and consistent with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 20 U.S.C. 1400, Part B.
    5. Consistent with Utah Code, schools may deny enrollment to students in a public school if they have been expelled from another public school.Utah Code § 53A-11-904(3)
    6.  Schools may deny students' enrollment in a public school if they leave a public school with disciplinary procedures at a previous public school until previous allegations have been resolved.

5. Home, Charter, and Online School Participation in Public School Extracurricular Activities

    1. Home School students who are exempted from attending public school may be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities providing they meet eligibility requirements required by all students as outlined in Utah Administrative CodeR277- 700-6, District Policy JEC-SP, and the rules of the UHSAA.
    2. Charter, and Online students may be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities providing they meet eligibility requirements required by all students as outlined in Utah Administrative CodeR277- 700-6, District Policy JEC-SP, and the rules of the UHSAA.  Charter and Online students may only participate in extra-curricular activities providing their school doesn’t participate in that activity.
    3. Home School, Charter, and Online students may only participate in extra-curricular or school activities at the school within whose boundaries the student’s custodial parent(s) or legal guardian resides.

6. South Sanpete Online Curriculum (Odysseyware)

  1. The District has optional on-line curriculum programs available for parents who may want to supplement their own curriculum at home.
  2. The online programs are a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that offer the flexibility of placing students on levels commensurate with their age and ability.
  3. In order to use the online program, the parent/guardian must complete the registration information found on the District’s website and also complete.
  4. Parents are responsible for all computer equipment, and internet connections, and expenses to access the District’s online programs.
  5. Parents who choose to use the online curriculum are required to make a weekly contact with the school or curriculum provider. This weekly contact may be scheduled during the day, evening, or periodically done via technology.
  6. Parents may also choose to participate in a dual enrollment program where the student takes some courses online and then takes some at their respective school.


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