Adopted:  9-11-02
Revised:  12-13-06 and 6-10-11


Parents/guardians who choose to have their children participate in the District’s Online Curriculum Program must complete this form annually. Participants will need to meet with Brian Olmstead who will coordinate these online classes.


Parent Agreement


As parent/guardian of the following children: ______________________________________,

I agree to the following terms during the _____________ school year.


  1. To register for a minimum of one required course;
  2. To participate in weekly monitoring that will review the students’ progress, needs, problems, etc This monitoring may be done in person, electronically, phone, etc.;
  3. To participate in the required State’s Assessment System;
  4. To be responsible for all of the technology (computer, internet, maintenance, etc.) required to run the online program. The District will not provide any of these items nor the costs associated with them. The District will provide some initial help and support; and
  5. To give permission to South Sanpete School District to receive WPU funds for the students who register in the online program.


Signature of Parent/Guardian: _________________________________ Date: ______



District Agreement


While providing the online program, the District/school agrees to the following:


  1. Provide access to the online curriculum without cost;
  2. Allow parents the flexibility and freedom in curriculum choices;
  3. When applicable, issue credit upon the completion of required curriculum in which course requirements are met as outlined by the State Board of Education and the District;
  4. Make arrangements for participation in the State’s Assessment System and provide results only to parents.


Signature of Superintendent or Designee: _________________________ Date: _____




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