Adopted:        2-17-81
Revised:       11-13-91
Reviewed:      5-6-03

Any student who meets the age requirements that would permit him/her to enroll in the kindergarten program of the South Sanpete School District must comply with the following:

1. Present a birth certificate

2. Present evidence that a physical examination has been completed prior to enrollment but within three months of enrollment

3. Comply with the Utah law on immunization

Students eligible to enroll in the first grade program must comply with items 1-3 above.  All other students who are enrolling for the first time in schools of the district must provide within two weeks of the date of enrollment:

1. A birth certificate

2. Completed immunization card

3. Sign a release to obtain his/her records from previously attended school.

(Proof of residency or legal guardianship may be required by the school in addition to the above items.)

A copy of this policy is to be given and explained to the parent/legal guardian of any student who is unable to complete enrollment requirements and enrolled for the two-week (ten school days) compliance period.