Reviewed:  1-8-03

Student name _________________________ Birthdate ______________

Grade in School _______ School Desiring to Attend ___________ _______

Parent's Name ____________________________________ ___________

Address _______________ ______________________________________

Telephone ___________________________________________________

Legal Guardian's Name ______________ ___________________________

Address ______________ _______________________________________

Telephone ____________________________________________________


1. Previous school records

2. Transcript of grades and credits

3. Statement why student desires to attend

Tuition fee $___________ Paid _____________ to _________________


The student and legal guardian understand that this application and subsequent enrollment is in no way binding upon the Board of Education.  The student and guardian agree to abide by the provisions of this contract, the rules of the school, the policies of the Board of Education, and the laws of the Land.  The student and guardian further understand that enrollment is a privilege and not a right and as a non-resident enrollee status is one of permanent probation, violation of any of the above can cause the termination of enrollment.

Student's Signature ____________________


Guardian's Signature ____________________

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