Adopted: 11-12-80
Revised:  12-14-05


 South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes that special instruction beyond that provided in the public school program in specialized areas such as music, dance, etc., may be necessary for students who have the ability, need and resources for this extra instruction.


It is the policy of the South Sanpete School District to allow students, under certain specified conditions, to be released from school for the purpose of receiving special instruction for the development of special skills. In a given student population, it is expected that a small percentage will seek specialized training toward further developing their skills. In recognition of the fact and with the intent of nurturing and fostering the enlargement and perfecting of those skills, the District will permit the granting of up to one class period of released time to said special student for receiving special training in his/her particular area providing the request meets the following constraints:

1.   The student together with the parents/guardians make a request in writing outlining the need and the justification for such a request in advance of the actual scheduling of the program. Such request is to be signed by the parent as an indication of acceptance of responsibility for the released time if it is granted.

2.   This special instruction will not jeopardize the student’s ability to meet the District’s graduation requirements.

3.   A team of individuals be organized by the school to approve or deny the request and make recommendations. The team shall consist of the principal, who will act as chairman, the counselor, a teacher who is a specialist in the student’s desired content area, and others whom the school may feel have justification as part of the team.

4.   The proposal, if approved, addresses and satisfies the following issues:
            A.  No more than one period per day shall be allowed.
            B.  Normally, the grade shall be a pass/fail; however, with team approval, a
                 letter grade may be given if it can be justified by specific guidelines and
                 evaluation procedures.
            C.  The type of credit that will be awarded and how much credit may be
            D.  All expenses, including the transportation needs of the student, shall be the
                 parent/guardian’s responsibility and not the District’s.
            E.  The special instructor providing the exceptional training shall be certified
                 by the State Board of Education or be able to clearly prove to the satisfaction of
                 the team that he/she possesses exceptional training skills, qualifications,     
                 achievement or eminence that will assure the team that they can advance the 
                 exceptional student above and beyond the skill levels that can be provided by 
                 the school.
             F.  In order for the student to earn credit, the special instructor shall do the     following:

(1)  Keep an attendance record following District guidelines and
submit to the principal at the end of each grading period;
(2)  Keep a record of assignments, tests, activities, etc., and submit to
the principal at the end of each grading period;
(3)  Recommend the grade and credit to be issued through the school
principal at the end of each grading period;
(4)  Agree to periodic visits by the principal or his/her designee if
determined there is a need; and
(5)  Maintain the same standards of conduct and performance
required by the school and/or District.

5.  The District/school reserves the right to terminate the “Release Time for Special
Instruction” agreement at anytime the student or special instructor defaults on the agreements stated in this Policy.

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