Adopted: 6-10-81
Revised 12-14-05


The South Sanpete Board of Education encourages parents/guardians to have some type of accident insurance coverage for their children while attending school. As a courtesy, the Business Administrator may arrange for an optional student accident insurance plan through a private carrier for parents to purchase at a relatively low cost. Information regarding this insurance plan shall be provided to students and parents at the beginning of the school year. Parents or legal guardians shall be encouraged to obtain the amount of insurance protection they deem appropriate from a private insurance agency or the program offered through the school.


  1. Parents shall be informed that student accident insurance purchased through a private carrier may be limited on its coverage and may not cover the total cost of expenses.
  2. The District or schools shall not assume any of the financial responsibility for student accidents or injuries that occur at school or during extra-curricular and school sponsored activities.
  3. The District and its employees shall do all they can reasonably be expected to do to protect students from injury and accidents while at school or during extra-curricular and school sponsored activities.
  4. Students who participate in extra-curricular athletics at the high schools must have proof of insurance or parents/guardians must sign a waiver as indicated on the school’s extra-curricular policy in order to participate. Parents who sign a waiver assume the total expense of any medical expense of accident(s) which occur relative to athletic participation.
  5. Failure of parents/guardians to enroll in an insurance program shall not place any legal liability upon the District, its administrators, or employees for any student injuries occurring during school time, extra-curricular athletics/activities, or school activities.

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