Approved:         2-11-04
Revised:           5-12-10 (revisions are underlined)



The Board of Education of the South Sanpete School District recognizes that students develop best academically, emotionally, socially, and physically when their bodies and minds are free from harmful substances. The Board of Education also desires to have tobacco-free schools and to guide students who use these products to resources for help.

Despite major national movements to undermine tobacco companies and tobacco marketing, tobacco is still the leading cause of preventable death, disease, and disability in the United States. Tobacco use is addictive. Illnesses caused by tobacco use increase demands on the U.S. health-care system. Statistics show most people who use tobacco begin before they reach the age of 18. Many children and adolescents do not understand the nature of tobacco addiction and are unaware of, or underestimate, the important health consequences of tobacco use. Evidence shows that school health programs can be an effective means of preventing tobacco use among youth. Providing effective tobacco-use prevention education is important for the South Sanpete School District.


    A.  Tobacco use by students, District employees, parents, and visitors on school or District property, in school vehicles, and at school-sponsored functions away from school property is prohibited. In the event that any student or School District employee violates this Policy, the following may occur: A school administrator may offer the student or staff member the option of completing a cessation class. The student will be suspended for the day and referred to local law enforcement and processed through the court system according to Utah laws.

     B.  Possession or distribution of tobacco or tobacco paraphernalia by students is prohibited within 1000 feet of a school building. Tobacco paraphernalia also includes the use, possession or distribution of any type of electronic cigarette/tobacco product and shall be treated as such in other District policies. In the event that any student violates this Policy, the following may occur: A school administrator may offer the student a cessation class. If this option is offered and refused by the student, he/she may be processed through the court system.

     C.  No tobacco advertising will be permitted in any form in the school buildings, at school functions, or in school publications.

     D.  Endorsement or sponsorship in any form of any school-related event by tobacco companies is prohibited.

     E.  Clothing and other articles of attire worn at school or on District property may not display advertisements for, endorsements of, or implications of tobacco, tobacco companies or tobacco use in any form. This policy applies to students and staff; parents and visitors to school or District buildings are also encouraged to support and follow this policy. In the event that any student or staff is in violation, the following will occur:

    (1)  First offense: The person will be notified of the Policy and asked to return home to change.
    (2)  Second offense: The student will be suspended for the day. The employee will receive a written warning in his/her file.

    F.  The sale, delivery, transfer or distribution of tobacco in any form, or tobacco paraphernalia by a student, employee, parent, or visitor to anyone under the age of 19 is strictly prohibited when it occurs in a school building, in or on School District property, within 1000 feet of school property, or within 1000 feet of any school-sponsored activity. In the event that any student or employee is in violation, the following will occur:

    (1)  First offense: The student will be required to participate in a school-based tobacco cessation class; the employee will be referred directly to law enforcement and receive a written warning in his/her file.
    (2)  Two or more offenses: The student will receive an out-of-school suspension and will be referred to local law enforcement. The employee will be terminated on the second offense.

    G.  All South Sanpete School District students in grades K through 12 will receive age-appropriate instruction during the school day regarding avoidance of tobacco use.

    All elementary school teachers shall incorporate tobacco-use prevention into their health-unit curriculum. All health teachers at the middle school and high school levels shall incorporate tobacco prevention information into their yearly prevention education. Teachers in grades K-12 are encouraged to use research-based best practice curriculum. All teachers are encouraged to draw on the resource of the local health department for prevention to assist in teaching these materials.

     H.   South Sanpete School District may facilitate students and district staff, in accessing Utah based statewide tobacco cessation classes to help them quit using tobacco. In addition to offering classes for violations of this Policy, these classes may also be offered through the local Health Department and South Sanpete School District. Any student or employee who is interested in quitting tobacco use may enroll in these classes on a voluntary basis. Students will not be penalized in any way for requesting to take the cessation classes on a voluntary basis. The school will make every effort to assist the student or employee in accessing these programs.

      I.  References: Utah Code: 76-10-104 and 105; District Policy JFCI; District Policy JH: and HB 88 “Electronic Cigarette Restrictions: 2010 General Session;

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