Family Engagement Policy

Adopted          5-8-19

Replaces Policy KCAB Parent Involvement

South Sanpete School District regards family engagement as vital to the academic success of students in each school. Parents are the initial teachers of their children and serve as partners with the district in helping their children achieve academic success.

South Sanpete School District will involve parents in the development of the district plan. 

  • A parent from each Title I school, as well as the school Title I Specialist and the school Principal, will be invited to participate in the development of the district plan. 
  • Parents from participating Title I schools will review information, attend scheduled   meetings and give input into the development of the district plan. 

South Sanpete School District will engage parents in the process of school review and improvement. 

  • Share the achievement data from all schools with parents. 
  • Invite input from parents regarding LEA and school academic goals. 
  • Discuss scientifically-based research instructional practices. 
  • Give direction in securing research-based curriculum materials that align with goals. 

South Sanpete School District will provide coordination and technical assistance to promote quality family engagement activities.

  • South Sanpete School Board will coordinate district initiatives pertaining to parent engagement regardless of funding source. Current initiatives include state and federal sources. Reports will be made in district leadership meetings to maximize coordination and effective use of resources. 
  • Provide annual training to school administrators and teachers on effective parent engagement strategies. South Sanpete School District will build the school and parent capacity for strong parental engagement.
  • Provide technical assistance to schools in the development of their school Parental Engagement Policies. 

South Sanpete School District will coordinate family engagement strategies with other programs.

  • District leaders who have responsibility for overseeing parental engagement activities will meet at least twice a year to discuss plans and coordinate efforts. 
  • Representatives of other programs (i.e., LIC and Special Education) will be invited to participate in planning parental engagement with Title I. 

South Sanpete School District will conduct an annual family engagement evaluation.

  • In the spring, Title I Principals, Teachers and Parents will be asked to provide feedback on how the district might improve support for parental engagement. 
  • At the beginning of the new school year, the district will provide a summary of the family engagement survey with its plans to address identified needs and recommendations. 

South Sanpete School District will ensure that Title I schools are engaging parents in a variety of school activities. 

  • Develop a Family Engagement Policy. The Family Engagement Policy will be incorporated into the School Student Achievement Plan. Each school’s policy shall include the following:  
  • Ways parents will be kept informed and assisted in understanding expected academic standards at the state, district, and school levels. 
  • Ways parents will be provided materials and training to help them work with their children to improve achievement, such as literacy, numeracy, and technology training
  • Ways educators and parents will work together, reach out, and communicate with each other in order to realize more fully the value and contributions that parental engagement adds to the success of the school.  
  • Ways in which appropriate coordination of parent engagement activities will take place with pre-school, Head Start, STAR Reading, after-school activities, or any programs or activities in which the school may participate or assist. 

South Sanpete School District will ensure ongoing parental input for other activities, requests, suggestions, ideas or concerns. This might be accomplished by: 

  • Scheduling meeting times that are more conducive and flexible to meeting varied schedules 
  • Providing periodic surveys, evaluations with feedback given to parents 
  • Providing correspondence requesting specific feedback on an issue or item of importance. (i.e. Does your child have appropriate homework? If no, what are some suggestions? )
  • In addition, all Title I schools will adhere to all conditions of the Elementary and Secondary School Act as specified in the parental engagement expectations including but not limited to:
  • Conduct an annual meeting to share with parents Title I information 
  • Developing and sharing with parents the school-parent compact 


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