Approved: 2-9-11


The South Sanpete Board of Education believes that schools are educational and enrichment centers for the whole community; therefore, parents, guardians, community members, and others are encouraged to visit schools, participate in activities, and attend school events. Welcoming visitors into the schools brings many benefits, including increased public understanding of education issues and greater collaboration between school employees, parents, community members, and business patrons. However, all school activities to which the public is invited must be accomplished in a systematic, orderly fashion to avoid any undue disruption, to protect school facilities and equipment, and to also safeguard the security, safety and well being of the students and staff.


1. Criminal Trespass: A person is guilty of criminal trespass if he/she does the following:

A. enters or remains unlawfully upon school property, and:

(i) intends to cause annoyance or injury to a person or damage to property on the school property;

(ii) intends to commit a crime; or

(iii) is reckless as to whether the person's presence will cause fear for the safety of another; or

B. enters or remains without authorization upon school property if notice against entry or remaining has been given by:

(i) personal communication to the person by a school official or an individual with apparent authority to act for a school official;

(ii) the posting of signs reasonably likely to come to the attention of trespassers;

(iii) fencing or other enclosure obviously designed to exclude trespassers; or

(iv) a current order of suspension or expulsion.

2. School Official: A public school administrator or designee in charge of a school program or activity.

3. School Property: Real property owned or occupied by a public school, including real property temporarily occupied for a school activity or program.

4. Visitor: Any person who is not an employee, volunteer or student of that school.


It is the Policy of the Board to operate and manage District facilities and property in a manner which will avoid disruption and reasonably assure the safety and well being of students, staff members, and individuals visiting schools and attending activities. The Board delegates the authority and responsibility to school officials to enforce this Policy in accomplishing these goals.

1. School officials shall post rules and regulations pertaining to visitors in conspicuous places, on the school's website, and entrances to the building. The school official shall also review this Policy annually with staff members and others as needed.

2. Before entering school property or school buildings, all school visitors, who have not been given prior-approval, shall report to the main office and receive approval from the school official. The school may require visitors to wear appropriate identification information and to also check out through the office when they leave.

3. Student visitors (friends) will not be allowed to attend classes with enrolled students.

4. No student who is under suspension, expulsion or other form of discipline from this District, or any other school district, shall be permitted to visit a District school.

5. Visitor access may be limited on certain days and times during the school day or year.

6. No visitor shall be permitted to interrupt a staff member in the performance of his/her duties whether that interruption is for conversation or observation.

7. No visitor shall go directly to a classroom to deliver or "pick-up" students or speak to students or teachers without first checking in through the office and receiving permission from the school official. Approval for taking a student from school shall be granted only to a parent/guardian having custody unless that parent/guardian gives explicit permission to release the student to a designated family member or adult.

8. Visitors/parents desiring to conference with teachers are encouraged to call and make an appointment before or after school or during non-instructional time.

9. Both custodial and non-custodial parents of a student have rights to visit a child's school unless a court order exists restricting such contact. Parents/guardians involved in these situations are encouraged to settle their disputes outside of school rather than bringing them into the school setting. Under Utah State Law, visitation time (parent-time) should not interrupt the child's regular school hours. This applies to both physical contact and phone time.

10. Parents, guardians, relatives and acquaintances are invited and encouraged to enter schools to participate in specific activities, meetings, and appointments with teachers and school officials. Parents and guardians do not have the right to attend school with their children or access school premises, including school buses, without specific authorization from school officials.

11. In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), parents of students with disabilities are entitled to the same access as general education parents, as well as the opportunity to participate in meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation, and educational placement of the child and the provision of a free and appropriate education. Beyond this parent participation, parents of students with disabilities have no entitlement to access school premises.

12. School officials are vested with the authority and have the right and obligation to utilize every effort in the protection of personnel, students, spectators, and property. A school official has the authority to exclude from school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program or activity. Individuals who do not comply with the school official's requests and commands may be cited for criminal trespassing. School officials may secure assistance from appropriate law enforcement agencies as needed in the enforcement of this Policy.

Supporting Policies and Rules

1. Utah Code 53A-3-503 "Criminal Trespass"

2. Utah Code 76-9-102 "Disorderly Conduct"

3. Utah Code 76-9-103 "Disrupting a Meeting or Procession"

4. Utah Code 76-9-106 "Disrupting the Operation of a School"

5. Utah Code 76-9-107 "Unauthorized Entry of School Bus"

6. District Policy JH "Safe Schools"

7. District Policy JA "Student Policies Goals"

8. District Policy IB "Academic Freedom"

9. District Policy DFDA-SP "Field Trips, Use of School Property, and Equipment"

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