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Classroom Safety Procedures


Students will have assigned seating (this also applies to the lunchroom, specialty class and special service classes).

Group work will be limited and students will wear face coverings when in this setting.

We will train students on proper sanitizing techniques, social distancing and the proper way to wear a face covering. We encourage all parents to begin this practice at home as well.

Students will be asked not to touch each other and teachers will correct behavior as needed.

Materials will not be shared.

Water bottles are allowed in the classroom and we invite all students to bring a clean water bottle each day labeled with their name.

We ask that the water bottle has a "flip top" or a "pop-up top" rather than a "screw-on" top. We will remind students to take home water bottles and wash them each day. They should be refilled at home as much as possible, all drinking fountains will be turned off in the building

Scheduled times for classes in the bathrooms so we don’t have a run on the bathrooms before and after recess.

Scheduled times to get things from lockers instead of having everyone go at the end of the day.

Adjusted lunch times to allow for proper social distancing.

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