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Updated 8/4/2021

Dear South Sanpete School District Families:

We have now received guidelines from state and local health officials regarding COVID-19 protocols in Utah.  A summary of how those guidelines will affect the South Sanpete School District is outlined at We hope this information helps as you make decisions and plans that are best for your own family.  We are confident that we can work together to accomplish our goal:

“Every child, in-person learning, at the school, every day.”

Summary of COVID-19 Protocols for South Sanpete School District

  • Sanitation and hygiene – Schools will continue to implement best practices with cleaning, physical distancing, and other actions designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 vaccination – Vaccination is not a requirement to enroll in school or join an extracurricular team.  Please note that most health officials highly recommended the vaccine to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, Parents should talk to their health care provider when making decisions about vaccinating eligible students.
  • Face masks – Face masks are not mandatory in school based on HB 1007, this includes buses. The law outlines that a local school board or school “may not require an individual to wear a face-covering to attend or participate in in-person instruction, district or school-sponsored athletics, extracurricular activity, or in any other place on the campus of a school or school facility. Families will need to make individual decisions about when and where to have students wear face masks.  Please know that most health officials encourage wearing face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 testing – Testing will not be required in most circumstances, including for extracurricular activities.  According to state law, testing will only be required if a school has more than 30 positive COVID-19 cases.  If this happens, students must be tested to remain at the school for their learning and extracurricular activities. If there is an outbreak on a team/group, participants may be required to provide a negative test in order to play or participate in an event.
  • Feel sick, stay home – Students who have COVID-like symptoms should stay home from school.  Having symptomatic individuals stay home will significantly reduce the possibility of having to implement “test-to-stay.”  Additionally, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will not be permitted at school or any school activities during their isolation period.
  • Quarantine – Quarantine decisions will be made by the health department in consultation with school officials and parents.  Parents/guardians will be notified if their student was potentially exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The notice will recommend that these exposed students remain at home for up to 10 days or 7 days with a negative COVID-19 test, unless they:
    • are fully immunized, or
    • have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 90 days, or
    • choose to wear a face mask at school for 10 days after the exposure. 
  • Remote Learning – Students who are exposed to COVID-19 and choose to remain at home during their quarantine period will be moved to “Remote Learning,” under the direction of their regular classroom teacher(s), for up to 10 days.  Students who test positive for COVID-19 will also be moved to “Remote Learning.”
  • COVID-19 Case Counts – South Sanpete School District will post COVID-19 case count numbers on our website regularly during the week so that parents have information for their child’s school.
  • Be SMART

Stay home when sick or when waiting for COVID-19 test results

Masks are a personal choice, but may prevent sickness and quarantine

Advocate for distancing when possible

Remember good hygiene and sanitation

Talk to your health care provider about vaccinating eligible students

We will continue working with our local health officials to monitor COVID-19 case counts in South Sanpete School District and will keep you informed of any adjustments to these guidelines.  Current State guidelines can be found at




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