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What if a student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms at school?

  • Students will be placed in a quarantine room.
  • Parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their student.
  • The school nurse will be contacting parents with protocols for returning.
  • Please see the COVID Screening Flowchart for more information.

How will the school respond to potential outbreaks?

  • Schools will consult with the school nurse and the Central Utah Health Department regarding procedures for responding to a positive COVID-19 case by an employee, student, visitor, or those who have come into contact with an individual testing positive.
  • Schools will coordinate with the local health department for temporary school closures due to COVID-19.
  • The school nurse or administrator will send a letter to parents if an outbreak occurs.

There will be more questions and they will be addressed as they come up. We ask that you are all patient, supportive and understanding as we work through the process of reopening. We will do our best and work extremely hard to train our students with these new procedures and protocols. Safety of students, staff and patrons are of the utmost importance to us! Please note that information is changing frequently so we will adjust as necessary.

For more information on COVID-19 and School Safety please see the manual produced by the Utah Association of Local Health Departments, the Utah Department of Health, and Governor Gary Herbert.

We encourage you to read more about South Sanpete School District’s ‘Reopening Plan’’ at

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