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For enrollment at Ephraim Elementary School, the school must have the following on file for each student:

* Current immunization record or exemption certificate
* Birth certificate or other document of proof

Parents may be notified individually if their child’s record is not complete.  Health forms, which must be updated yearly, are part of the online registration process and inform the school nurse of those who require health plans. Please make sure registration is completed yearly and health forms are up-to-date and current. The health of our students is of the utmost importance!

For special health concerns, severe allergies, medication issues, etc. we ask that parents contact the school before school begins. The school nurse will create/update health care plans for students with medical issues. All medication, asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, diabetic supplies, etc. must have the appropriate forms filled out by a physician and kept at the school. All health files will be kept securely in the office by the school nurse.



The long-term consequences of concussions are a concern for parents and schools. The school board has adopted a policy dealing with concussions.

The policy is available at, policy JL. 

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