GVHS 2020 Graduation Ceremony

This year’s ceremony will include a pre-recorded session of speakers and presentations and a parade down Main Street.  The parade will be streamed online through our local providers.  The exact streaming/broadcasting information will be sent later.

  • The parade will be May 22, 2020, at 7 p.m.  The route will start at 200 North and go to 200 South on Main Street.  Each graduate will be allowed one vehicle for the parade.  Parents/Guardians will drive the vehicle, with the graduate in the back seat or back of a truck. We will provide a banner for each vehicle, to identify each graduate but you can also decorate your vehicle with other items. Each vehicle will be assigned a number and line up West from the GIC parking lot. (map included)
  • Before entering Main Street,  each vehicle will enter the GIC parking lot and take a picture in front of a backdrop that will be provided. Please take any personal pictures prior to the parade.
  • As each graduate heads South on Main Street and gets to the Clock Tower, introductions of each graduate and parents will then be announced and a board member will present their diploma.
  • When the graduate gets to 200 South, they will turn West and that is where Jostens will be to collect the graduation gown.
  • We ask that relatives and friends who will be watching along the parade route, to park on a 45 degree angle, to allow for the most people to view the parade.  We also ask ALL spectators to stay in their vehicles throughout the parade.
  • The parade of graduates will be combined with the pre-recorded messages and sent out to all of the graduates.

We know these are trying times and we all want to be safe as we honor and celebrate each graduate.  Flags for each graduate will be created and posted on the football field during the week of graduation. 

Best of luck to all of our graduates!




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