South Sanpete Guidelines for Student Transportation (Covid-19)

South Sanpete School District Parent and Student Notice on Bus Conduct

The South Sanpete School District is responsible for the transportation of all eligible South Sanpete students to their assigned schools in accordance with State Department of Education guidelines. Eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

Elementary school students who, if not provided transportation, would have walking distance to the school which they are normally assigned of more than one and a half (1 ½) miles.

Middle school and High school students who, if not provided transportation, would have a walking distance to school of more than two (2) miles.

Transportation for ALL schools-

Rhett Jackson
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Ephraim/Manti Routes

Manti High School
Ephraim Middle School
Ephraim Elementary School
Manti Elementary School

Gunnison Valley Routes

Please click on the above links to view times, drivers, bus numbers and addresses for the stops.

Risk Management Drivers Test Link

Youtube Video



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