Technology Employee Policies and Procedures (and the reasons why)

  1. Teachers may choose either a laptop or a desktop, but only one!
    1. $$$$
    2. Backups needed
    3. Ease of management of files in one place
    4. Management of updates on a device
  2. Teachers may also have an iPad .
    1. Students and teachers having the same device is beneficial
    2. Being familiar with a device requires usage
    3.  If iPad is not being used, we have a need for it elsewhere
  3. Paras will have access to a desktop or iPad or laptop based on assignment, but only one!
    1. $$$$
    2. Because of the high turnover rate with Para’s laptops are not the best option.
  4. Administration may have access to all three.
    1. Job assignments vary, thus needing different tools
  5. Any device not coming on and being accessed on premises on a regular basis will be asked to be returned.
    1. $$$$
    2. Being wise stewards of tools
  6. Users will be asked to manage their data. 
    1. Back up strongly recommended, especially when it comes to aging machines
    2. Machines change often - teachers receive a new computer every four years
  7. Users will have the responsibility to move their data from machine to machine.
    1. Pictures, music, documents, individual data
    2. Responsibility of items
    3. Faster set up for new machines in the summer
    4. Ownership of items on the user of the technology 
    5. Drive size from machine to machine not always the same
  8. Users responsible for monitors, keyboard, mice, stands, backups, pigtails
    1. Desktop comes with keyboard and mouse
    2. Laptop comes with power cord
  9. Users will need to request MS Office.
    1. $$$$
    2. Slowness of applications opening, wait time
    3. Updates
  10. IT will install apps, (JAMF, Sophos, Filters, AD), Network,Printers. For security reasons users will not be admins.
    1. Filter required by legislation on all devices owned by the district, whether at home or school or timbuktu
  11. Recycle devices: Why we do not sell to staff.
    1. Risk management -  how do we make sure all PPI is securely scrubbed?
    2. Rotations - we have to have a plan to refresh all technology
    3. Law - Public Surplus
    4. Expected support
  12. Apps
    1. Per legislative law-  any app that has login information has to be vetted.  A signed contract with the vendor about PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is required
    2. Too many apps that essentially do the same thing causes extra work 
    3. Keeping students safe is vital
    4. JAMF management: If there are a gazillion apps updating, it takes a lot longer than two hundred would
    5. Support. Making sure the app is up to date and working properly as far as personnel 
    6. Requesting an app. Two others beside you makes the vetting process easier for picking up on things like advertisements, limited lessons, log in information, PII rules, COPPA, CIPA, FERPA compliance
  13. Technology Purchases: Why does the Technology Dept want to know 
    1. Will it work in our environment? 
    2. Does it pose a security risk?
    3. Can we support it?
  14. Networks
    1. Wireless Printers - very noisey on the network (Slow)
    2. Like to keep the network working as best we can
    3. Security 
  15. Access
    1. Account access terminates for all people leaving the district, both teachers and students, on June 30th.


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