South Sanpete School District Student/Parent iPad/Internet Policy Handbook

Adopted 8-16-14

Revised 5-8-19, 10-13-21, 10-12-22


The South Sanpete School District (SSSD) seeks to continually improve teaching and learning. We believe that technology does not adequately replace caring teachers and mentors, we believe that innovative technologies can help individualize and target instruction and allow for exploration and enhancement of the learning process. The SSSD will issue Apple iPads to students on a loan basis, subject to the conditions enumerated below.

Educational apps will be available in “Self-Service”. Teachers can have the students use the iPads in the classroom and assign homework on them. Students can learn, explore, and turn assignments in through the iPads. This iPad Program also presents an opportunity to learn to live with, control, and use technology appropriately and wisely.

Students or their families will be expected to pay a $50 annual insurance/usage fee, in 6-12 grades. A family is only required to pay the insurance for two devices. All District-issued iPads are the property of SSSD. However, there will be an option to buy the iPad upon graduation from a SSSD high school at a prorated cost.

This document outlines the policies and procedures that are in place for the SSSD Student/Parent iPad Program. Terms of this policy are subject to change without notice.

Definition: Parent means Parent/Guardian throughout this policy

Form ECC-1 must be signed in order for an iPad to be issued to a student. This form is signed digitally at the time of student registration.


A. Parent will be informed by letter and/or automated messaging system of location, date, and time of deployment

Terms of iPad Loan

A. Terms of Loan

  1. South Sanpete School District will issue an iPad to each student upon compliance with the following:
    1. A signed Student Computer Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy and a signed Student/Parent iPad These are signed digitally at the time of student registration.
    2. Legal title to the property (iPad) is with A student’s right of possession and use is limited to, and conditioned upon, full and complete compliance with this Student/Parent iPad Policy Agreement and SSSD’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.(ECB)
    3. Students should NEVER attempt to repair, change or reconfigure an Under no circumstances are they to attempt to open or tamper with the internal components of the iPad. Doing so will render the warranty void and will result in disciplinary action.
    4. Students may be subject to loss of privilege, disciplinary action, and/or legal action in the event of intentional damage and/or violation of District policies and agreements.
    5. Students should not remove or add any management or authentication software. SSSD will use management software to install applications on iPads. Students should make sure those applications remain on the iPads at all times.
    6. Students should not download or install software on the SSSD issued iPads that is not approved by administration.
    7. A student’s possession of the iPad terminates on the last day of the school each year unless it is terminated Students must return the iPads in good condition at the end of the school year. iPads will not be available for use during the summer months.
    8. No student will jailbreak any device owned by the District (Jailbreaking is changing the limitation of the operating system).

2. Lost, Damaged, or Stolen iPads

1. The insurance policy of SSSD will cover damages of an accidental nature and will cover the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged iPad one time. On the second occurrence the student will be assessed $25 for the repairs. The third occurrence will result in $75 assessment. Any additional occurrences the student will be responsible for total repair costs.

a.  The parent/guardian shall immediately report the loss or theft of a SSSD iPad which occurs off campus to the police and provide a copy of the police report to the District/school.

b.  The student shall immediately report the loss or theft of a SSSD iPad which occurs at school to the school administration.

c.  The parent/guardian shall be responsible to pay the School District for any damage caused by blatant and obvious negligence of a SSSD iPad.


SSSD may repossess an iPad at any time at the administration’s sole discretion for any violation

Modification to the iPad Program

The District reserves the right to revoke or modify the iPad Program or its terms at any time.

Expectation of Privacy for Student iPads

  1. The iPads and their cases are the property of South Sanpete School District and therefore are not subject to the same privacy expectation as private property. There is not an expectation of privacy while using SSSD iPads.
  2. SSSD has the right to manage and monitor the iPads in the following ways:
    1. Teachers and administrators may remotely access, view, and control student
    2. Teachers and administrators may search the iPad for inappropriate use or materials at any time
    3. Technology will remotely control student iPads to troubleshoot technical issues
    4. Technology staff will monitor all network traffic to troubleshoot network
    5. SSSD requires all Internet traffic to pass through the content filter. This filter will log all attempts to access inappropriate material at all Violations will result in disciplinary action. District Policy will be followed.

General Care of the iPad

  1. Students are responsible for the iPad they Damaged iPads in need of repair must be returned to the school administrators.
  2. Guidelines to follow:
    1. Students should never leave an iPad
    2. Students should never allow someone else to use their assigned iPad or give someone else their passwords other than parents or school technology staff.
    3. Students should never remove SSSD labels and identifying stickers on the
    4. Liquids, food, and other debris can damage the Students should avoid eating or drinking while using the iPad. Students should NOT keep food or food wrappers on the iPad case.
    5. Students must have a passcode on their iPad at all
    6. Students should take extreme caution with the The screens are very susceptible to damage from excessive pressure or weight.
    7. Dimming the LCD brightness on a student’s screen will extend the battery run For help, consult student’s teacher, a school technician, or school technology specialist.
    8. Under no circumstances should a student attempt to open or tamper with the internal components of the iPad, nor should they pry it apart.
    9. Students should take care when inserting cords to avoid damage to their iPad
    10. Students should not expose the iPad to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight or ultraviolet light for extended periods of Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the iPad.
  3. Students should keep their iPad away from magnetic fields, which can erase or corrupt their
  4. Cleaning the iPad
    1. Students are encouraged to perform simple cleaning procedures as outlined below:
      1. Turn the iPad completely
      2. Students should always disconnect the iPad from any power outlet before cleaning.
      3. Students should never use liquids on the iPad screen or
      4. Students should clean the screen with a soft, lightly dampened, lint-free cloth or use anti-static screen cleaners or wipes.
      5. Students should wash hands frequently when using the iPad to avoid buildup on the touch screen. Grease and dirt can cause the cursor to jump around on the screen.

General Security

  1. Students should never leave the iPad unattended or
  2. During after-school activities students are still expected to maintain the security of the
  3. Staff will confiscate unsupervised iPads and disciplinary actions may be
    1. Each iPad has an identifying label (i.e. SSSD and serial number). Under no circumstances are students to modify or destroy those labels or markings.
    2. Each iPad will be tracked through an asset recovery system, which can locate a stolen/lost iPad.

General Use of the iPad

A. Students are REQUIRED to bring their iPad to school each day with a FULLY CHARGED battery. Students will NOT be given the use of a loaner iPad if they leave the device at home. Students leaving iPads at home will be required to complete the assignments using alternate means (as determined by the teacher). Students who have an iPad in for repair will be given a loaner.

  1. Students will be able to save files directly to the
  2. Students may receive disciplinary referral from their teacher for repeatedly refusing to bring the iPad to class.
  3. Students should avoid using their iPad in areas which may lead to damage or
  4. Deletion of some management apps could result in an iPad failure and will interfere with the ability to complete class work.
  5. Students are prohibited from playing games on the iPad during class unless directed by the teacher.
  6. The use of the Internet at school is a privilege, not a Inappropriate use may result in suspension/termination of use privileges.
  7. Parental monitoring of iPad use is highly
  8. Students will provide access to any iPad, and/or accessories that they have been assigned upon the District or school’s request.
  9. Students who violate the Technology and Internet Acceptable Use Policy may lose access to the iPad after hours and have limited access during school hours.
  10. Students caught stealing or damaging another student’s iPad will be responsible for replacement or repairs. They will be referred to local law enforcement for
  11. Cameras must only be used with good
  12. Any use of the iPad or technology for demeaning, intimidating, harassing or bullying of students or staff is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary
  13. Any sharing of inappropriate material produced on a school device or on any device on school property is prohibited.
  1. Students are responsible to back up their documents and information to the cloud which requires an Apple ID, or Canvas.
  2. Under no circumstances are students to share their passwords or passcodes, except with parents and school technology staff.


  1. SSSD manages and monitors student e-mail
  2. Students should always use appropriate
  3. Students should not transmit language/material that is profane, obscene, abusive, or offensive to others.
  4. Students should maintain high integrity with regard to email
  5. No private
  6. SSSD e-mail is subject to inspection by school and district staff and There is no expectation of privacy for iPad use.

Internet Access/Filtering

  1. As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, a current filtering solution is maintained by the District for school use on the iPad. This is a “good faith” effort to block inappropriate content, but the District cannot guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked. It is the responsibility of the user and parent/guardian to follow guidelines for appropriate use of the network and the SSSD will not be responsible for any problems suffered while on the network or the Internet. Use of any information obtained through the Internet is at the user’s own risk.
  2. In order to access the Internet away from campus:
    1. Students must have access to an Internet service
    2. If students have access to an existing wireless access point, the iPad can join the wireless network.
    3. SSSD employee cannot provide direct assistance in connecting a student’s iPad to any non- SSSD network.
  3. Web-based filtering will be filtered through South Sanpete School District’s State required internet filter when on the UETN K12 School Network.


Compliance with federal copyright law is expected of everyone. “Copyright” is legal protection for creative intellectual works, which is broadly interpreted to cover just about any expression of an idea. Text (including email and Web information), graphics, art, photographs, music and software are examples of types of works protected by copyright. Copying, distributing, downloading, and uploading information on the Internet may infringe the copyright for that information. Even an innocent, unintentional infringement violates law.

Screensavers/Background Images

  1. Inappropriate content may not be used as a wallpaper/background.
  2. Intentional presence of inappropriate language or images of guns, weapons, pornography, alcohol, drugs, or gang-related symbols, on the iPad is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.

Deleting files

Students should not delete any files that they did not create. Deletion of certain files can affect the iPad’s performance.

Personal Devices

Students are not allowed to use personal iPads/tablets instead of the SSSD owned iPads during school hours.

Possible consequence for violations of this policy may include but are not limited the following:

  1. Confiscation of device for a time to be determined by administration,
  2. Loss of internet privileges,
  3. Possible fines,
  4. In-school and out of school suspensions, and/or
  5. Referral to Juvenile

Acceptable Use policy consequences shall be enforced. The administration reserves the right to impose any additional consequences as necessary and appropriate.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Due to management and technical issues, BYOD will not be supported at this time.

Cost of Replacement Items


Apple Charging cord


Apple Power Adapter




Total Cost of iPad



Optional Buy-Out

Cost of optional buy-out of the iPad upon Graduation from South Sanpete High Schools

After Year Four of Paid Insurance                  $25.00

You MUST have paid the insurance/user fee of $50.00, each year or Graduation


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