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Community Council

GVES has two openings for Community Council. It is a two-year position. If you would like to run or nominate someone to run, please notify the office by Sept. 18, 2019.

Road Closure

500 South in Gunnison will be closed from Sept. 16 to Oct. 31. Please plan accordingly. 

Drop Off Lane

Please do not park in the drop-off lane. If you need to come in the school, please park in the parking lot. 

Names on personal items

Please put your child’s name on his/her backpack, coat and lunchbox.  That way the item can be returned when it is lost. 

Student registration

Power School will be available on August 1st for you to log in and complete/edit your student/s online registration. Please complete registration as soon as possible. All registrations need to be completed by August 31, 2019. Registration works better on a computer or iPad.  If you need access to a computer or iPad, please stop by the office between 8 a.m.- 3 p.m. We are happy to help you. 

Please follow the instructions below to complete registration:

     * Log into the South Sanpete School Website

Click on the link on the right sidebar that says: Student Registration/PowerSchool

     * Log into your PowerSchool account. If you forgot you login information and need help  contact the office. 435-528-7880

     * Click on your student’s name tab on the top left

     * Click on the box with the arrow at the top of the page in the blue bar. 

 * Complete all pages of registration.

* The last page will be shaded red, be sure to type your name and check the box before saving.   

   Lunch and breakfast

The lunch application is online. Please fill it out when completing your student’s registration. It is located on the school forms page above your student’s name. 


The South Sanpete School District is responsible for the transportation of all eligible South Sanpete students to their assigned schools in accordance with State Department of Education guidelines. Eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

Elementary school studentswho, if not provided transportation, would have walking distance to the school which they are normally assigned of more than one and a half (1 ½) miles.

Bus routes will start the same as they did last year. Adjustments will be made as needed. You can find the routes at Look under resources then transportation. 

In order to keep all students safe and not overload our buses, students will not be allowed to switch buses to go to an alternate location after school.  

If your student wants to play with friends after school, have him/her come home first, and then go to the friend’s house.  Please make all after school pick-up arrangements before students come to school. We usually only have one secretary in the office and it is impossible for her to make all the changes that are called in.

We have many children with allergies. Please do not send food on the bus with your children. If they have snacks in their backpack, they need to wait until they are off the bus to eat them.  

Community Council

The duties of the Gunnison Valley Elementary Community Council are to advise and make recommendations to the school, school district administrators and the South Sanpete School Board regarding our school and our programs, district programs, and other issues relating to the environment of the school. The Community Council has six members; four parents, one teacher, and the principal.  Membership on the Community Council is limited to parents of children who will be enrolled in Gunnison Valley Elementary School.'@Arial Unicode MS', sans-serif">Nominations for two parent positions may be submitted until September 18, 2019. Nominations to the Community Council may be done in writing or by phone 435-528-7880.  Any parent of a child currently enrolled in Gunnison Valley Elementary School may make nominations.  You may nominate yourself or someone else.  Nominees will be contacted before their names are placed on the ballot.  You can find more information on the website look under schools, Gunnison Valley Elementary, Parent Involvement. 

Late Arrival

If your student is late, please remind them to check in at the office before they go to class. 

Checking students out of school

When you need to check your student out of school, please come into the office to sign him/her out. Please DO NOTgo directly to the classroom. The office personnel will call him/her to the office.  


School visits

You are welcome at GVES any time. All visitors must check in at the office 

Box Tops

This is an easy way to help us earn money. Please send BOX TOPS from General Mills products with your student to school.



Lost and Found

Please put your student’s name and phone number on his/her coat, jacket and backpack. Every year we take MANY items to D.I. We would love to return items to their owners instead. It also helps us avoid student conflicts when students have matching items. 


Pledge of Allegiance

The state legislature has passed a law requiring all schools to have the students recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each day in every classroom. 


Dress Code

The following are highlights from the district’s dress and grooming policy that particularly apply to elementary age students. The entire policy is available on the Internet at, policy JFCA. These dress standards will be enforced at school and all school activities. 

* Hairstylesthat are conspicuous, extreme, or odd shall not be allowed when they draw undue attention and distraction or disruption.

* Hair colorshall be within the spectrum of natural hair colors. 

* All clothesmust be clean and modest. 

(No tank type shirts, halters, bare midriffs. Shirts must cover students’ mis-section. Shorts and skirts need to be as least as long as their fingertips when their hands are down to their sides. )

* No pajamasor other sleeping attire (unless specified as a dress-up day or activity)

* No obscene, Lewd, Sexual innuendos, racial, ethnic, indecent, vulgar, violent, or inappropriate saying, writing, diagrams, or pictures are allowed on clothing or personal belongings, e.g. notebooks, backpacks, gym bags, water bottles, lockers, badges, patches, etc. 

* No head coveringof any kind are allowed to be worn in school buildings during regular school hours. This includes all types of hats, bandanas, hooded shirts or coats, sweatbands, etc.

* No skate shoes, bedroom slippers, or bare feet are allowed at any time.

* It is strongly recommended that flip-flops not be wornto school due to health and safety concerns. {Because of recess and P.E. activities, this is especially important in the elementary school.} Open toes shoes are also a danger for elementary aged children.

Violence and Bullying Incidences

Violence and bullying cannot be allowed in our schools. The complete policies are available at, policies JG, JGA, and JH. The age of our students is considered as we deal with the discipline problems, but we would like you to remind your children that guns and knives are not allowed. This includes toy knives and guns. 



The long-term consequences of concussions are a concern for parents and schools. The school board has adopted a policy dealing with concussions. The policy is available at, policy JL. Our fourth and fifth graders play dodge ball, which has some risk of concussion associated with it. If you do not want your child to participate in dodge ball please contact the school. 

General District Policies

The following are other policies you may be interested in. Again, they are found at

            * Student Conduct and Discipline                  Policy JG

            * Attendance and Truancy                             Policy JE

            * Electronic Devices                                        Policy JGB

            * Bullying and Hazing                                     Policy JGA

Family Education Right and Privacy Disclosure

School directory information including student’s name, address, phone number, email, photos, honors and awards, and dates of attendance may be released on a limited basis to the PTA, the Utah Health Department, the local newspaper, GVES newsletter, and other similar groups or for similar purposes, but for the most part this information will remain confidential. If you do not want this information used, please contact the principal, Arleen Jensen, at 528-7880

School Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance is available for students. If you would like a flyer or more information please stop by the office. 



Please do not drop your student off in the bus drop-off area. Please use the student pick-up /drop-off area. 

In order to keep all students safe and not overload our buses, students will not be allowed to switch buses.  

Which means… students have a regular bus that they ride after school. They can only ride that bus. If they need to go to a different location, you will need to pick them up or transport them after they get home.  Also, please make all after school pick-up arrangements before students come to school. We usually only have one secretary in the office and it is impossible for her to make all the changes that are called in.

We have many children with allergies. Please do not send food on the bus with your children. If they have snacks in their backpack, they need to wait until they are off the bus to eat them.

Bus Parking Area

If you are picking your student up after school, please use the parent pick-up area. If you are parked on the street, please use the sidewalks. To keep everyone safe, please do not walk between the buses or in the bus parking area.

 Electronic devices

Students are not permitted to use personal electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, iPads in school unless assigned by their teacher. If they need a phone to contact you after school, remind them to turn it off and keep it in their backpack until school is over. 


Important Dates: 


Sept 23-24    Parent-Teacher Conference 

 Oct. 2/3       5thGrade play

 Oct. 15         Picture Retakes

 Oct. 21-22    Fall Break

 Oct. 23-24    Preschool Parent Conference

 Oct. 31         Halloween parade 12:45 

 Nov. 27        Excused at 12

 Nov. 28-29Thanksgiving Break

 Dec. 9        Christmas Program 1 pm at the Elementary, 6:00 pm at the High School Gym

 Dec. 20       Excused at 12

 Dec. 21       Christmas break

 Jan. 6          School resumes

 Jan. 20        MLK day… No School

 Jan. 22-23  Gary Hogg… writing presentation for students

 Feb. 17       Presidents’ Day … No School

 Feb. 18        Parent Teacher Conference

 March 23-27 Spring Break

 May 15       May Day 9:30

 May 22       Last Day of School








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