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Teacher Requests

We encourage parents NOT to request teachers for their student. If you have a valid concern, you may come to the office and fill out a form. Requests will not be accepted through email. When requesting a teacher for your child, please do not discuss your choice(s) with your child or other parents.  There are many factors to consider when placing your child in a classroom.  Classes need to be balanced. Factors we look at are boy/girl ratio, academic levels, discipline issues, special needs, and teacher insight. You must list two choices for teachers. These choices are considered to be equal. Not a 1st and 2nd choice. Filling out the form by no means guarantees you will receive your choices. Please remember that for the benefit of teachers and students we will not sacrifice academic balance in classrooms. All requests are due on or before May 1, 2018. 


Teacher assignments for next year

Kindergarten: McKeisha McDonald, Shelle Oliver, Stephanie Willden (All Day)

1st Grade: Jennifer Broderick, Julie Davis, Nancy Goff, Ashlie Nelson

2nd Grade: Kathy Crane, Anne Henrie, Laura Lister, Annette Otten

3rd Grade: Elise Bown, Kiersten Hatch, Virginia James, Stephanie Willden (Morning)

4th Grade: Heather Aragon, Erin Cherry, Michele Jensen, Pam Larsen 

5th Grade: Jodi Anderson, Brooke Blackburn, Paul Childs, Suzanne Childs

Preschool: Randi Sylvester

PE Specialist: Kirk James

SPED: Kristal Childs, Nikki Ellett, Anona Willden


Kindergarten Registration 

Kindergarten registration will be held Thursday, April 19 from 9-3.  If your last name starts with A-M, come between 9-12. If it starts with N-Z, come between 12-3. Please bring your child’s birth certificate and immunization record.

Sage Testing

Sage testing will start this week and go until May 12th for 3rd-5th grades. 


After school activities

Please do not have your children stay after school to go to practices or games unless the coach or someone is here to watch them when school is out.


Tobacco Free

Just a reminder that GVES is a tobacco free area. Please do not smoke on GVES property, this includes the parking lot.

Running of the Bulldogs

  Students who have 100% attendance for the month will qualify to participate in the 'Running of the Bulldogs' at the end of each month. 

Pick-up/drop-off lane

Thank you for not parking in the pick-up/drop-off lane. If you need to come in the building, please park in the parking lot. Also, please do not drop students off in the bus lane.

Lost and Found

There are many… many… many coats in lost and found. Please check to see if you are missing a coat. Also, please remember to write your child’s name on his/her coat and backpack. 


7 Habits of Happy Kids

The seventh habit is: Sharpen the Saw / Balance Feels Best

If I Sharpen the saw:

  • I take care of my body by eating right, exercising, and getting sleep
  • I learn in lots of ways and lots of places, not just at school
  • I take time to help others


Important Dates: 

  April 11   4th grade field trip

  April 18   Mrs. Oliver’s kindergarten play

  April 19  Kindergarten Registration 9-3

  May 3      5th grade field trip

  May 16    Preschool graduation 8:30 am

  May 18    May Day 9:30… GVHS

  May 21    School Reading Carnival

  May 22    5th grade field trip

  May 25    Last day of school out @ 10:30





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