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EMS School Community Council Agenda
October 12, 2021
3:00 pm in the EMS Library


  1. Welcome (John Gillett)

  2. Introduction of new members (John) 
    *Michelle Olthius

  3. Election of new Officers (John)


   *Vice Chair:

4. Approve Last meeting minutes (Chair)
    *On EMS website

5. School Community Council Checklist/Responsibilities (John)

6. Review last years RISE scores (John)

7. School Improvement Plan (John)

8. Review 2020-21 Trustland Plan for end of year report (John)

9. Review Current (2021-22) School Trustlands Plan (John)

10. TSSA Plan Goals (John)

11. School Trustland timelines (Chair)

12. Ideas for 2021-22 School Trustlands Plan (Chair)

13. Proposed SCC meeting Schedule for 2020-21 school year (John)

14. Questions/Concerns:

15. Next Meeting:  November 17th @ 3 pm in the EMS Library (Chair)

16. Adjourn (Nate Johnson)

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