1. When you turn 15, GET YOUR LEARNER PERMIT!
You must your learn't permit for at least 6 months, make sure you get this as soon as you are 15
  *Read the book
  * Take you birth certificate, social security card and proof of residence (2) and $15 to the DLD with a parent to get your permit.
  * Take the 50 question test there.
2. Attend the mandatory parent meeting.
   * May or January
   * Must attend with a parent and sign the roll
   *If you do not attend in Gunnison you must attend at another school parent night.
3. Drive with your parents for 40 hours, 10 at night.
    Each of you needs to get your practice driving with a parent.  It is illegal to drive without a parent until you are 16 and have your real license!  
    10 of these hours need to be in the dark. Bug your parents to drive the car with them in the passenger seat. Get a variety of driving, highway
     freeway, parking etc. Other people can be in the back seat when you drive with your permit as long as your PARENT is in the passenger seat.
4. Take the Driver Ed Class! (6 am 3 weeks)
   * This class is taught 4 times throughout the year.
   * Each class  is 15 days long and is at 6 am
   * This class costs $100. (pay in the office, before the class starts, to register for the class!)
   *You must attend this class in order to get your license.
   * Plan on attending every day.
   * There will be a test at the end of this class, which you must pass with 80%
5.  Schedule a time in the Driver Ed car with Mr. Burrell
   * Get this done as soon as class is over as the schedule fills up fast.
   * Don't put this off or you will drive after your 16 birthday.
   *  Before you can get on the schedule you must:
            * Have your $ fee paid
            * Have your learner's permit!
            * Be done with the Driver's Ed Class!
6. Take the Safety Test
   * Log onto this site
   * Create an account using your learner's permit number
   * Watch 4 videos and answer 40 questions with 100%
   * This test simply needs to be done before you go out and get your license.
   * After you get your permit, this can be done anytime before you get your license.
7. Drive for 6 lessons with Mr. Burrell in the car.
   *  Most of this is done in the mornings at 6 am.
   * Test after last lesson, you must 80% or more.
   * You drive 2 students at a time in the car and unless this change Mr. Burrell will pick you up for the driving.
   * And again it is your responsibilty to get scheduled in the car with Mr. Burrell
8. Pass the driving test.
   * You must pass with 80%
   * If you fail you can do a retake
   * Make sure Mr. Burrell puts your test score into the driver license data base
9. Get your license.  You will need:
    * Safety test complete
   *  Driving Complete
   * Passed your test
   * Parent with you to the DLD
   * $30

Following is a link to the dates and time of meetings in your area. If you are unable to attend one of these meetings in your area, you can scroll down to the "Upcoming Events" to find a meeting in a different location that you would be able to attend.

If you want to get your license on time make sure you get your permit on time! Get these things done or you will get your license after your 16th birthday!




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