School LAND Trust Program for Existing Charter Schools

And New Charter Schools*Effective July 2018

Open and Public Meeting Law
Local charter boards are subject to the Open and Public Meeting Act that describe requirements related to

noticing of meetings, keeping minutes and recordings, agendas and voting.
Charter Trust Land Councils that are not local charter boards are subject to the School Community Council Open Public Meeting Act.

School LAND Trust Program Requirements R277-477-2(2) and R277-477-3(1)
Charter schools are not required to have a School Community Council or a School Improvement Plan, as non-

charter public schools are. However, charter schools that elect to receive School LAND Trust funds shall have a Charter Trust Land Council (council) that prepares plans and reports consistent with the requirements of the School LAND Trust Program. The council shall be:

 The governing board of the charter school if the makeup of the board includes a two parent member majority. The parent members must have students currently attending the school.

 OR the governing board may establish a process for election of a council with a two parent member majority of children currently attending the school. The chair must be a parent member.

Timeline and Associated Tasks

Prior to October 1 Prior to October 20th

Prior to April 1st

The business administrator enters the prior year expenditures on the School LAND Trust website (website) consistent with the Annual Program Report. This report generates financial information for the Final Report.

Hold parent elections, if needed, and assemble the council

  • Submit the Membership Report on the website - names and emails of council

    members. The form error checks for proper council makeup and is viewable on the

    SCHOOL page of the website.

  • Submit the Principal Assurance Form that includes questions about compliance to

    law and state board rule.

  • Submit the Final Report for the School Plan implemented in the prior school year.

    (Schools that have not yet received funding are not required to enter this report.) The council meets and follows the steps required to prepare the School Plan.

    • Identify the schools greatest academic needs

    • Recommend an action plan to meet the needs. The plan must:

      o Haveadirectimpactontheinstructionofstudentsandresultinmeasurable increased student performance

      o Includeaspecificlistingofprograms,practices, materials, or equipment needed for implementation

    • Outline how the School LAND Trust funds will be used to implement the plan.

    • The council votes to approve the School Plan

      Enter the School Plan for the upcoming school year on the website. The School Plan reporting also includes a Progress Report of the current year and the Signature Form.

Before May 15th


The School Plan is approved by the charter governing board, if the council is not the local charter board.

School Plans are approved by the school’s chartering entity and may be sent back to the school for modifications with a written statement about what needs to be revised. If revisions need to be made, the council makes revisions and approves. Any school chartered by the Utah Charter School Board sends their plans to Karen Rupp for an additional review.

When approved, School Plans are approved on the website by the School Children’s Trust Section and become viewable to the public.

Funds are distributed to schools with approved plans in the July allotment. The actual distribution is viewable on the SCHOOLS page of the website.

There is a process for amending approved School Plans when necessary. There is an amendment form attached to the approved School Plan on the School LAND Trust website. Contact the chartering entity to find out how and when they approve amendments. The approval process is the same as for approving the original plan.

*New Charter Schools may receive funding in the first year they are open. The school must follow the steps listed above but on an abbreviated timeline beginning with the start of the school year and completed no later than November 1st.

School LAND Trust website: Rupp This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 801-538-7764

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