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Utah Administrative Code - Table of Contents
Utah Code 53A - State System of Public Ed                                                               

D - Fiscal Management

DA     Fiscal Management Goals

DB     Budgeting and Bonding Information

        DBA  Tax Increment Financing Project Agreement

DBK  Procurement

DBK-1 Procurement

DBK-2 Procurement

DBKA Fundraising

DBKA-SP Advertising/Publications and Distributing Information

        DBKB  Fraud, Waste, Abuse Hotline 

DCB  Salary Deductions

DD     Facilities and Rental

DD-1 User's Agreement

DEA   Disposal of District Textbooks

DEB   Fixed Asset and Equipment Inventory Procedures

DEC   Grants From Private Sources

DGB   Check Writing Authorization

DJ      Purchase Orders

DJA    Purchasing

DJB    Petty Cash Accounts

DJC    Bids

DJD   Local Purchasing

DJG    Vendor Relations

DK      Payment and Purchasing Procedures

DLA    Payday Schedule

DLCA  Travel Policy (Teachers & Principals)

DLCB  Travel Policy (Board members & Board Officers)

DLCC  Travel Expense Voucher

DLCE   Credit Card Purchasing