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Utah Administrative Code - Table of Contents
Utah Code 53A - State System of Public Ed
J - Students

Fee Schedule 2021-2022
Fee Schedule 2022-2023

JA - Student Policies Goals

JB - Equal Educational Opportunity

JC - School Attendance Areas

JD - Compulsory Education and Attendance

JD-SP -     Attendance for Remote Learning

JEA - Compulsory Attendance Ages

JEAA -     Alternative Education, Home School, Charter and Online Schools

JEAA 1 -  Compulsory Attendance Exemption Affidavit

JEAA 2 - Online Enrollment and Agreement Form

JEB - Entrance Age for First Grade and Kindergarten Pupils

JEC - School Admissions

JEC-SP -     Definition of a Full-Time Student

JECB -        Resident and Non-Resident Transfers

JECB SP -  Process for Placement of High School Transfer Students

JECB 1 -    Application for Admission for Non-Resident Students

JECB 6 -    Process for Placement of Students Leaving Group Homes, YIC Programs, Alternative Schools, etc.

JECC -      Transgender Students

JECC 1- Participation in Sex-Designated Athletic Activities and Teams

JECD -      Sex Discrimination

JECE -      Grievance Procedure

JEFA - Release Time for Special Instruction

JEFB - Release time for Religious Instruction

JFCA - Dress and Grooming Standards

JFCAA - Dress Standards and Expectations for Commencement Exercises

JFCI - Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Student

JG -   Student Conduct and Discipline

JGA -    Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Harassment, and Hazing

JGA-1   Form- Student Conduct: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Harassment and Hazing

JGB -    Student Conduct Policy: Interfering Devices and Electronic Communication Devices

JGA - 2 Bullying Investigation Procedures

JH -  Safe School Policy

JHA -   Student Accident Insurance

JHB -   Tobacco Prevention Policy

JHCA - School Attendance of Students with HIV Infection

JI -   Wellness Policy

JIA - Unpaid Meal Charges 

JJ -  Vending Policy

JK - Health Requirements and Services

JL - Head Injuries and Concussions

JL -1 Parent/Student Consent Form for Acknowledgment of Head Injury

JN - School Fees and Fee Waiver Policy

JOA - Transfer of Student Records

JOA - 1 Student Records Notice of Parent and Student Rights

JP -  Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual

JQ -  Service Animals for Students, Employees and Guests